Apr 30, 2009 - May 21, 2009


Gallery 4

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Rex Hausmann Gallery Talk

"Constructed for Blue Star, REVISITATION is currently Rex Hausmann's largest and most ambitious work-to-date. A wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-ceiling riot of thought and colour inspired by The Last Supper, this maximalist tableaux represents the artist as both circus ringleader and its own human cannon ball. Whether it is Leonardo da Vinci or Jacopo Basano, Mary Beth Edelson or David La Chapelle, Andy Warhol or Damien Hirst, mom or dad, collaborator or artist-- there is more than one arm reaching across Rex Hausmann's table." Sam Kho, April 2009

Artist Statement:
In the Italian culture the dinner table is a centerpiece of significance. Who an individual chooses to spend time with, especially around the dinner table, reveals one's identity. As a child I remember large parties organized predominantly by my grandmother, who was a proud Italian. People were always buzzing around her.

I remember her home always full of people.

In this installation the viewer stumbles upon the aftermath of a large meal. Crowding the viewer’s space, friends of mine from all over the US are present at this table. Surrounding the visitor are textiles designed and produced by artists, architects, photographers, writers, young gallerists and patrons.

All involved are influences.

A few personal paintings are in the installation, mostly dealing with image of self and explorations into history of the western psyche. There are pictures of past projects, books of influential ideas and small homages to many artists. Like my grandmother's table, a person’s life is crowded with influences all-contributing to one’s self. It is my experience that it is not only the products or images artists contribute to society, but the people who they involve in their lives.

In time all things fade. Memories and semblances of euphoria are always the longest lasting and strongest. – Rex Hausmann, Revisitation, 2009



Rex Hausmann, Revisitation
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